for men’s choir and trombone ensemble

Program Note:

The Jabberwock is a terrifying beast with eyes of flame who roams the Tulgey Wood
at night burbling hither and thither in Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There.

Beware, beware…

Jabberwock Men’s Choir:

Alex Heppelmann, Anik Bhattacharya, Brandon Clinton, Ben Stonaker, Casey Martin, Chris Boveroux, Dan Caputo, Eli Fieldsteel, Joel Love, Michael Mikulka, Troy Armstrong, Christopher Prosser

Tenor Trombones

Alex Cruz, Blair Castle, Evan Sankey, Manny Arredondo, Samantha Owens, Jeanette Velasco

Bass Trombones

Jonathan Huggins, Ross Jenkins

Christopher S. Larsen, conductor

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